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Schrader Well Drilling is the only drilling company in Central Indiana to offer Hydro Fracking!

     Hydro-Fracking, sometimes called hydrofracturing,  is a well development process that increases the flow of water from a bedrock well by increasing the size and extent of the bedrock fractures that bring water into the well. The procedure involves subjecting the bedrock formation to water pressure sufficiently high enough to either extend existing bedrock fractures or create new fractures.  Hydro Fracking is a more COST EFFECTIVE alternative than drilling deeper. Water is injected into a low-yield water well at a high pressure and volume opening up and cleaning out the existing fractures found in the rock.

Am I really creating a fracture?

     No, the fracture already exists in the bedrock. What is actually happening is the existing fractures are either really small or they are plugged with sediment. Hydro-Fracking cleans out these fractures then actually wears away the sides of the fractures making them larger.  More water is then allowed to flow into the well!

Pressure or Volume, which is more important?

     The Hydro-Fracking process consists of two stages, the "break" stage and the "development" stage. The pressure is needed to "break" the well. Once the well has "broken" then it needs to be developed.  This requires a large amount of flow. The more water you feed it, the greater the result.

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